YouTube vs Blogging - Full Detailed Comparison

Blogging vs Youtube
These Days Mostly people use internet and most out of them use YouTube to learn something and sometimes for Time Pass. Many YouTube content Creators are born after Launching Jio in India because the Plans of Jio are very cheap and affordable by every single person. After Launching Jio, The competition between YouTubers is increased very much in India.

There are many other platforms to Earn Money in addition to YouTube. One from them is Blogging. After knowing about YouTube and Blog, Many people remain confused between them. They cannot decide, On which Platform they should work, YouTube or Blog. Today I am going to Compare Blog with YouTube, In other words I am going to do YouTube vs Blogging - Which is Best for You ?

What is Blogging ?

What is Blogging
What is Blog ? This is a very common question. Blog is a website or a medium through which you can share your own thoughts and opinions to the open world and you can also Earn Money from it. You can write anything you want in your Blog because its your property and you can do anything you want on it. In Simple Language, Blog is a platform where you can write your opinions and help readers to know about that thing.

Blogging for Earning

Blogging is very good source for Making Money online. You can take it as a Career option. Once your blog is ranked on Google then you will not have to think about your rest life. Because after that, You will able to earn as much as you can. You can earn even in Lakhs from it in Indian Currency and if your Traffic source is US, Canada etc then you can even earn $5k-$10k and more in one month while from YouTube, you cannot earn so much money.

But mostly peoples are making their Career in YouTube not on Blogging because they think that Blogging is very Hard. But actually, they are wrong. Nothing is Hard if you have talent and you have something to show the world.

If you do not have such knowledge or Talent you can learn them on internet and start your YouTube channel or Blog/Website on that Topic. But you will have to become Expert on that Topic on which you are starting your Blog/Website or YouTube Channel. Because your Content is the main thing on both the Platforms.

Content writing on Blog is little bit Harder for freshers but it is not much Hard. You can become very famous and rich if your Blog started ranking on Google and your content Quality is very Good. You will get Sponsorships and Free products to Review them in your Article. You can make your own Brand from your Website/Blog. You will have to do SEO in Blogpost.

Earning Sources

1. Adsense
2. Affiliate Marketing
3. Other Advertising Networks
4. Sponsorships
5. Other

What is YouTube ?

What is YouTube
YouTube is a American video sharing platform which was created by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim to share videos around the Globe. In simple words, It is a video sharing platform where you can share anything you want around the world. After sometimes, Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion and it is now Google's Property.

YouTube for Earning

YouTube is also a good source of income but you cannot earn so much money from it. Because the CPC of YouTube is very less as compared to Blog/Website and you can only use Adsense Ad Network to generate Revenue from it. But you can also earn in Lakhs from it if your channel grows up and your content is Good.

Because you will get Sponsorships from many Brands and Free Products from them. On YouTube you can Publish anything what you want but you will be able to earn if peoples are interested to see you. If you do not have something Unique to Upload on YouTube then you will get Success after very Long Time.

You will have to remain consistent on it because consistency is the main thing on YouTube. Making video is Easier than writing Articles and On YouTube Audience will know you by Your voice and Face and you can interact with your Audience to make your connection with Audience more better while on Blog you cannot interact with audience very deeply.

The only way to interact on Blog/Website is Commenting while you can go Live on YouTube to do so. There is not much importance of SEO on YouTube while On Blog/Website, SEO is everything if you are a beginner and no one knows your Blog/Website.

Earning Sources

1. Adsense
2. Affiliate Marketing
3. Sponsorship


On Both the platforms, You will have to work hard and you will have to share the content in which people are interested. Both the platforms are good for Earning and to become Famous, But YouTube is Google's Property and Google can Shut Down it anytime (but it is like impossible according to now), while your Blog/Website is your own Property and no one can do anything with your blog. And the Earning from Blog/Website is very higher than Income from YouTube.

Blog or Website - Which platform you should join ?

It depends upon you, It is fully dependent upon your interest, If you are interested in writing then you should join Blog and if you are interested in making video then you should join YouTube. If you want only to Earn, then You should join Blog but always join Blog, After learning everything about it.

Because it is very important to Rank your Articles if you want to Earn Money you will not get even Single view if your Article is not Ranked and if you don't know how to do it then you should definitely join YouTube. Because on YouTube you will have to Upload videos only and it is not much important to Rank your Video on YouTube Search because YouTube itself recommends the videos of different creators.

I think that You can now choose one from them after reading My Article. Please share your valuable opinions in the Comment Section.

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