How to Rank YouTube Video in 2018 | YouTube SEO Tutorial

These days, Mostly People want to Earn Money online and they also wants to become famous and YouTube is the best Platform for them. Many peoples think that it is very easy to Make Money from YouTube, But when they start YouTube, they realize that they were wrong. Because competition is very high these days and it is not easy to Make Money from YouTube. Many peoples work hard but they do not get Good Result after their Hard Work because no one knows about their channel. If you are a beginner on YouTube and you wants to Get High Traffic on Your YouTube video then you will have to work on Hot Topics with less competition.

After making videos on these topics you will have to do Full SEO in your video to Explain Search Engine about your Topic, Because Search Engine plays an important role on Internet. If you are able to Explain Search Engine that your content is best then You will get success very easily on internet. So, It is very important to do SEO on YouTube video or any other platform. Your content Quality is also very important. Today I will tell you the Best Methods to do SEO on YouTube.

1. YouTube Video Title

You will have to write a very good Title for your video, You will have to write Keywords on your Title which is mostly searched on YouTube. But do not write that thing in Title which you are not showing in your video because if you would do so then YouTube can remove your video and can give you a strike which is not good. Make suspense in your Title which forces people to click on your video to clear all the suspense.

2. YouTube video Description

YouTube video's Description plays an important role in ranking your video on YouTube Search. Because when someone searches about the keyword which is not mentioned in your Title but your video is on that Topic then Search Engine would look into your description to see what you have written in your Description and if you Description lines matches that keyword then your video will rank upper in Search list. So write better description and write what you are showing in video because it will help Search Engine to understand about your video.

3. Tags

Tag plays the most important role in Ranking YouTube video. You will have to write the best keywords about the Topic on which you are making Your video. If you don't know How to find best Tags/keywords for YouTube video then I will suggest you to go on Rapidtags which is The Best website to find Tags for YouTube videos. This is a FREE website which allows you to find the best Keywords about your video. If your videos are not Ranking on YouTube then you should definitely give this website a Try.

These were the main things on which you should Focus to Rank your Videos on YouTube. I hope you have learned something from this Article. Please share your thoughts in the Comment Section.

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